Area code 265 (Anenii Noi)

Area code
Anenii Noi
Local time
Anenii Noi
Anenii Noi
80 787
Emergency phone number
Anenii Noi
Area: Anenii Noi
Area code: 0265
Country Calling Code: +373
E.164 (Country Code): 373
Emergency phone number: 112
Capital: Chișinău
Language: Romanian; Moldavian; Moldovan
Valuta: Moldovan Leu (MDL)
Local Time: 19:05
Timezone: Europe/Chisinau
Population: 80 787
Land Area: 33 843 KM2

Area code 265 - Anenii Noi

Anenii Noi is located in Moldova and has area code 265. When calling a person or company located in Anenii Noi from abroad, you must first type the plus sign (+) or double zero (00) followed by the country code and then the area code. In this case +373265 followed by the phone number.

Local time and other details

Local time in Anenii Noi is 19:05. Anenii Noi has a population of 80 787 citiciens (2014-07-30).

Anenii Noi - Postal numbers

Anenii Noi has 46 different postal numbers / zip numbers.
Show all postal numbers
Postal numberMunicipalityCountyLon/Lat
MD-7723ZolotievcaAnenii Noi29.1903/46.7364
MD-6529PuhaceniAnenii Noi29.3467/47.0889
MD-7722PicusAnenii Noi29.0942/46.75
MD-6526PetrovcaAnenii Noi29.0858/46.9753
MD-7724Ochiul RosAnenii Noi29.1106/46.7672
MD-7723NicolaevcaAnenii Noi29.2106/46.7722
MD-6537MirnoeAnenii Noi29.2289/46.8014
MD-6527Merenii NoiAnenii Noi29.0564/46.9244
MD-6526MereniAnenii Noi29.0533/46.9633
MD-6525MaximovcaAnenii Noi29.0128/47.01
MD-6530RoscaniAnenii Noi29.3206/46.9006
MD-6531RuseniAnenii Noi29.2/46.8853
MD-6511SalciaAnenii Noi29.1694/46.9425
MD-6530Varnita-2Anenii Noi29.3206/46.9006
MD-6537Troita NouaAnenii Noi29.265/46.7903
MD-6536TodirestiAnenii Noi29.0864/46.9072
MD-6538TintareniAnenii Noi29.1389/46.9031
MD-6535Telita NouaAnenii Noi29.2864/46.9806
MD-6535TelitaAnenii Noi29.3039/46.9569
MD-6533SpeiaAnenii Noi29.3233/46.9817
MD-6532SocoleniAnenii Noi29.19/46.91
MD-6534SerpeniAnenii Noi29.3497/47.0208
MD-7722LargaAnenii Noi29.1608/46.7583
MD-6501Hirbovatul NouAnenii Noi29.2775/46.8319
MD-6513Calfa NouaAnenii Noi29.3614/46.9125
MD-6513CalfaAnenii Noi29.3753/46.9042
MD-6512BulboacaAnenii Noi29.3097/46.8831
MD-6511Botnarestii NoiAnenii Noi29.1669/46.9203
MD-6511BotnarestiAnenii Noi29.1622/46.9347
MD-6501BeriozchiAnenii Noi29.2625/46.8733
MD-6516BaticAnenii Noi29.1914/46.7956
MD-6537BalmazAnenii Noi29.285/46.7981
MD-6501Anenii NoiAnenii Noi29.2247/46.8789
MD-6514ChetrosuAnenii Noi29.0436/46.9164
MD-6515ChircaAnenii Noi29.1092/46.9225
MD-6516CiobanovcaAnenii Noi29.19/46.8144
MD-6524HirbovatAnenii Noi29.3583/46.8425
MD-6523Gura BiculuiAnenii Noi29.4586/46.9311
MD-6522GeamanaAnenii Noi29.1389/46.8183
MD-6518FlorestiAnenii Noi29.1792/46.9722
MD-6521FloreniAnenii Noi28.9928/46.9347
MD-6520DelacauAnenii Noi29.3031/47.0989
MD-6519CretoaiaAnenii Noi29.1347/46.8667
MD-6518Cobusca VecheAnenii Noi29.1792/46.9722
MD-6517Cobusca NouaAnenii Noi29.2069/46.9314
MD-6531AlbinitaAnenii Noi29.1739/46.8906