Saint Helena Country Code 290

Country Codes
Saint Helena
+290 / SH / SHN
Local time
Saint Helena
Saint Helena
7 460
Country Calling Code: +290
E.164 (Country Code): 290
Capital: Jamestown
Language: English
Valuta: Saint Helena Pound (SHP)
Local Time: 21:00
Population: 7 460
Land Area: 410 KM2
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Saint Helena country codes

Saint Helena has three different country codes, one of those is the numeric country code +290 which is what you dial before the phone number when you call a phone number in Saint Helena from abroad. The two others are the ISO-codes SH and SHN.

How to call a phone number in Saint Helena

Saint Helena's country code is 290. If you are calling Saint Helena from abroad, you must either write a plus sign (+) or two zeros (00) followed by its country code (+290 or 00290).
We have 0 telephone numbers from 1 area in Saint Helena in our database.

Local time and other details

Local time in Saint Helena is 21:00. Saint Helena has a land area of 410 KM2 and a population of 7 460 citiciens .