San Marino Country Code 378

Country Codes
San Marino
+378 / SM / SMR
Local time
San Marino
San Marino
33 785
Emergency phone number
San Marino
Country Calling Code: +378
E.164 (Country Code): 378
Emergency phone number: 113
Capital: City of San Marino
Language: Italian
Valuta: Euro (EUR)
Local Time: 19:09
Population: 33 785
Land Area: 61 KM2
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San Marino Dialling code
San Marino Telephone code

San Marino country codes

San Marino has three different country codes, one of those is the numeric country code +378 which is what you dial before the phone number when you call a phone number in San Marino from abroad. The two others are the ISO-codes SM and SMR.

How to call a phone number in San Marino

San Marino's country code is 378. If you are calling San Marino from abroad, you must either write a plus sign (+) or two zeros (00) followed by its country code (+378 or 00378).
We have 0 telephone numbers from 1 area in San Marino in our database.

In case of emergency

San Marino has different emergency numbers depending on type of emergency. Call 113 for police, Call 115 for fire brigade and 118 for ambulance.

Local time and other details

Local time in San Marino is 19:09. San Marino has a land area of 61 KM2 and a population of 33 785 citiciens *2021-08-16.