Boynton Beach, Florida - Area code 561

Area code
Boynton Beach, FL
Local time
Boynton Beach, FL
Emergency phone number
Boynton Beach, FL
State: Florida
State code: FL
Area: Boynton Beach, FL
Area code: 0561
Country Calling Code: +1
E.164 (Country Code): 1
Emergency phone number: 911
Capital: Washington D.C.
Language: English
Valuta: US Dollar (USD)
Local Time: 14:10
Timezone: America/New_York
Population: 17 671 452
Land Area: 9 629 091 KM2

Boynton Beach, Florida - United States, Florida

Boynton Beach is located in United States and has area code 561. When calling a person or company located in Boynton Beach from abroad, you must first type the plus sign (+) or double zero (00) followed by the country code and then the area code. In this case +1561 followed by the phone number.

Local time and other details

Local time in Boynton Beach, FL is 14:10.

Boynton Beach - Postal numbers

Boynton Beach has 9 different postal numbers / zip numbers.
Postal numberMunicipalityCountyLon/Lat
33424Boynton BeachFlorida-80.0664/26.5253
33425Boynton BeachFlorida-80.0664/26.5253
33426Boynton BeachFlorida-80.0834/26.5175
33435Boynton BeachFlorida-80.061/26.5254
33436Boynton BeachFlorida-80.1124/26.5354
33437Boynton BeachFlorida-80.1418/26.5312
33472Boynton BeachFlorida-80.1856/26.5384
33473Boynton BeachFlorida-80.1896/26.5088
33474Boynton BeachFlorida-80.0664/26.5253

Other areas in Florida with area code 561

Boynton Beach share the same area code (0561) with these 8 other areas in Florida.

Jupiter, West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Belle Glade, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Riviera Beach, Pahokee

Area code Area name
0561 Jupiter
0561 West Palm Beach
0561 Delray Beach
0561 Belle Glade
0561 Boca Raton
0561 Boynton Beach
0561 Riviera Beach
0561 Pahokee