Des Moines, Iowa - Area code 515

Area code
Des Moines, IA
Local time
Des Moines, IA
Emergency phone number
Des Moines, IA
State: Iowa
State code: IA
Area: Des Moines, IA
Area code: 0515
Country Calling Code: +1
E.164 (Country Code): 1
Emergency phone number: 911
Capital: Washington D.C.
Language: English
Valuta: US Dollar (USD)
Local Time: 07:08
Timezone: America/Chicago
Population: 2 955 010
Land Area: 9 629 091 KM2

Des Moines, Iowa - United States, Iowa

Des Moines is located in United States and has area code 515. When calling a person or company located in Des Moines from abroad, you must first type the plus sign (+) or double zero (00) followed by the country code and then the area code. In this case +1515 followed by the phone number.

Local time and other details

Local time in Des Moines, IA is 07:08.

Des Moines - Postal numbers

Des Moines has 60 different postal numbers / zip numbers.
Show all postal numbers
Postal numberMunicipalityCountyLon/Lat
50266West Des MoinesIowa-93.7994/41.5695
50391Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50381Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50380Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50369Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50368Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50367Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50364Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50363Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50362Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50361Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50360Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50359Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50340Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50392Des MoinesIowa-93.6274/41.5878
50393Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50265West Des MoinesIowa-93.7447/41.5805
88418Des MoinesNew Mexico-103.8739/36.7291
50983Des MoinesIowa-93.6089/41.6006
50982Des MoinesIowa-93.6089/41.6006
50981Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50980Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50950Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50947Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50940Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50936Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50396Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50395Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50394Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50339Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50336Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50314Des MoinesIowa-93.633/41.603
50313Des MoinesIowa-93.6203/41.6381
50312Des MoinesIowa-93.6719/41.5855
50311Des MoinesIowa-93.6729/41.601
50310Des MoinesIowa-93.6736/41.6255
50309Des MoinesIowa-93.6212/41.5887
50308Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50307Des MoinesIowa-93.6091/41.6005
50306Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50305Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50304Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50303Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50302Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50315Des MoinesIowa-93.6192/41.5444
50316Des MoinesIowa-93.6/41.6092
50335Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50334Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50333Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50332Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50331Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50330Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50329Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50328Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50321Des MoinesIowa-93.6618/41.5476
50320Des MoinesIowa-93.5827/41.5487
50319Des MoinesIowa-93.604/41.5921
50318Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727
50317Des MoinesIowa-93.5296/41.6122
50301Des MoinesIowa-93.5722/41.6727