Mount Vernon, Alabama - Area code 251

Area code
Mount Vernon, AL
Local time
Mount Vernon, AL
Emergency phone number
Mount Vernon, AL
State: Alabama
State code: AL
Area: Mount Vernon, AL
Area code: 0251
Country Calling Code: +1
E.164 (Country Code): 1
Emergency phone number: 911
Capital: Washington D.C.
Language: English
Valuta: US Dollar (USD)
Local Time: 05:44
Timezone: America/Chicago
Population: 4 530 315
Land Area: 9 629 091 KM2

Mount Vernon, Alabama - United States, Alabama

Mount Vernon is located in United States and has area code 251. When calling a person or company located in Mount Vernon from abroad, you must first type the plus sign (+) or double zero (00) followed by the country code and then the area code. In this case +1251 followed by the phone number.

Local time and other details

Local time in Mount Vernon, AL is 05:44.

Mount Vernon - Postal numbers

Mount Vernon has 20 different postal numbers / zip numbers.
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Postal numberMunicipalityCountyLon/Lat
36560Mount VernonAlabama-88.035/31.0974
10552Mount VernonNew York-73.8299/40.9231
10553Mount VernonNew York-73.8221/40.9086
43050Mount VernonOhio-82.4873/40.3849
97865Mount VernonOregon-119.1121/44.4171
57363Mount VernonSouth Dakota-98.2633/43.7204
75457Mount VernonTexas-95.2181/33.1702
22121Mount VernonVirginia-77.1073/38.7192
98273Mount VernonWashington-122.2082/48.4352
10551Mount VernonNew York-73.8371/40.9126
10550Mount VernonNew York-73.838/40.9079
72111Mount VernonArkansas-92.124/35.2265
30445Mount VernonGeorgia-82.5867/32.184
52314Mount VernonIowa-91.4274/41.9287
62864Mount VernonIllinois-88.9105/38.317
47620Mount VernonIndiana-87.8569/37.9506
40456Mount VernonKentucky-84.3379/37.3983
04352Mount VernonMaine-69.9903/44.4993
65712Mount VernonMissouri-93.7976/37.1045
98274Mount VernonWashington-122.1403/48.3643