Paul, Idaho - Area code 208

Area code
Paul, ID
Local time
Paul, ID
Emergency phone number
Paul, ID
State: Idaho
State code: ID
Area: Paul, ID
Area code: 0208
Country Calling Code: +1
E.164 (Country Code): 1
Emergency phone number: 911
Capital: Washington D.C.
Language: English
Valuta: US Dollar (USD)
Local Time: 20:22
Timezone: America/Boise
Population: 1 416 564
Land Area: 9 629 091 KM2

Paul, Idaho - United States, Idaho

Paul is located in United States and has area code 208. When calling a person or company located in Paul from abroad, you must first type the plus sign (+) or double zero (00) followed by the country code and then the area code. In this case +1208 followed by the phone number.

Local time and other details

Local time in Paul, ID is 20:22.

Paul - Postal numbers

Paul has 67 different postal numbers / zip numbers.
Show all postal numbers
Postal numberMunicipalityCountyLon/Lat
55075South Saint PaulMinnesota-93.046/44.8881
55165Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
55164Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1066/44.9909
55155Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0955/44.9522
55146Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0828/44.9427
55145Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0933/44.9444
55144Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
55133Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
55131Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0827/44.973
55130Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0827/44.973
55127Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0875/45.0803
55126Saint PaulMinnesota-93.138/45.0736
55119Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0107/44.9414
55117Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0969/44.9995
55116Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1727/44.914
55170Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0933/44.9444
55172Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
55175Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
93061Santa PaulaCalifornia-119.0593/34.3542
93060Santa PaulaCalifornia-119.0713/34.3547
28384Saint PaulsNorth Carolina-78.9731/34.801
55071Saint Paul ParkMinnesota-92.9873/44.8344
99660Saint Paul IslandAlaska-170.2764/57.1842
24283Saint PaulVirginia-82.3418/36.9323
97137Saint PaulOregon-122.9674/45.196
68873Saint PaulNebraska-98.444/41.2242
55129Saint PaulMinnesota-92.923/44.8985
55128Saint PaulMinnesota-92.9487/44.9913
55125Saint PaulMinnesota-92.9439/44.9197
55115Saint PaulMinnesota-92.9391/45.071
55188Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
55187Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1059/45.0059
55114Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1981/44.968
55113Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1571/45.0139
55112Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1872/45.0788
66771Saint PaulKansas-95.1688/37.518
47272Saint PaulIndiana-85.5994/39.4277
52657Saint PaulIowa-91.5171/40.7695
72760Saint PaulArkansas-93.7347/35.8496
08066PaulsboroNew Jersey-75.2242/39.8312
73075Pauls ValleyOklahoma-97.2195/34.7385
29374PaulineSouth Carolina-81.8492/34.7855
12970Paul SmithsNew York-74.2664/44.445
55118Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1034/44.8965
55120Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1434/44.8704
55121Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1543/44.8471
55110Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0223/45.08
55109Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0297/45.0132
55108Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1771/44.9806
55107Saint PaulMinnesota-93.088/44.9325
55106Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0488/44.9684
55105Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1651/44.9347
55104Saint PaulMinnesota-93.158/44.9532
55103Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1216/44.9608
55102Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1209/44.9372
55101Saint PaulMinnesota-93.0902/44.9512
55111Saint PaulMinnesota-93.2007/44.8828
55124Saint PaulMinnesota-93.2029/44.7497
55123Saint PaulMinnesota-93.1409/44.806
55122Saint PaulMinnesota-93.2202/44.786

Other areas in Idaho with area code 208

Paul share the same area code (0208) with these 81 other areas in Idaho.

Oldtown, Riggins, Malad City, Hailey, Kuna, Garden Valley, Buhl, Ashton, Aberdeen, Sun Valley, Post Falls, Driggs, Shelley, Blackfoot, Challis, Lewiston, Meridian, Idaho City, Weiser, Shoshone, Island Park, Fruitland, Burley, Troy, Filer, New Plymouth, Homedale, Priest River, Glenns Ferry, St. Maries, Arco, Rexburg, Payette, American Falls, Pocatello, Nampa, Plummer, Paul, Coeur d'Alene, Star, Caldwell, Middleton, Boise, Kimberly, Ketchum, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Melba, Preston, Spirit Lake, St. Anthony, Council, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Jerome, Emmett, Cascade, Rupert, Orofino, Wendell, Soda Springs, Mountain Home, McCall, Athol, Rathdrum, Parma, Rigby, Salmon, Hayden, Kellogg, Victor, Hagerman, Montpelier, Potlatch, Moscow, Kooskia, Gooding, Kamiah, Eagle, Cottonwood, Grangeville

Area code Area name
0208 Oldtown
0208 Riggins
0208 Malad City
0208 Hailey
0208 Kuna
0208 Garden Valley
0208 Buhl
0208 Ashton
0208 Aberdeen
0208 Sun Valley
0208 Post Falls
0208 Driggs
0208 Shelley
0208 Blackfoot
0208 Challis
0208 Lewiston
0208 Meridian
0208 Idaho City
0208 Weiser
0208 Shoshone
0208 Island Park
0208 Fruitland
0208 Burley
0208 Troy
0208 Filer
0208 New Plymouth
0208 Homedale
0208 Priest River
0208 Glenns Ferry
0208 St. Maries
0208 Arco
0208 Rexburg
0208 Payette
0208 American Falls
0208 Pocatello
0208 Nampa
0208 Plummer
0208 Paul
0208 Coeur d'Alene
0208 Star
0208 Caldwell
0208 Middleton
0208 Boise
0208 Kimberly
0208 Ketchum
0208 Twin Falls
0208 Idaho Falls
0208 Melba
0208 Preston
0208 Spirit Lake
0208 St. Anthony
0208 Council
0208 Sandpoint
0208 Bonners Ferry
0208 Jerome
0208 Emmett
0208 Cascade
0208 Rupert
0208 Orofino
0208 Wendell
0208 Soda Springs
0208 Mountain Home
0208 McCall
0208 Athol
0208 Rathdrum
0208 Parma
0208 Rigby
0208 Salmon
0208 Hayden
0208 Kellogg
0208 Victor
0208 Hagerman
0208 Montpelier
0208 Potlatch
0208 Moscow
0208 Kooskia
0208 Gooding
0208 Kamiah
0208 Eagle
0208 Cottonwood
0208 Grangeville